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Don Giovanni- Bronx Opera

"Brian J. Alvarado was an appropriately sardonic Leporello."

Gregory Moomjy, Indie Opera Podcast


El Barbero de Sevilla- New Camerata Opera

"Speaking of rapid-fire, tenor Victor Khodadad and baritone Brian Alvarado pulled off their pattering duet quite well and also managed to imbue some strong humor as feuding critics Pérez and López." 

David Salazar, OperaWire


"...and a comic duet for rival opera critics who come close to fighting a duel over precedence. (I liked that one!) "

"The rival critics were mugged and sung with happy abandon by Brian Alvarado and Victor Khodadad."

John Yohalem, Parterre Box


"There was a very funny bit of hostility between two critics--Brian J. Alvarado's Pérez of the publication Tapas Today and Victor Khodadad's López from the newspaper The Manchego Gazette."

Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche 


Cendrillon (Viardot)- dell'Arte Opera Ensemble

"The Baron was Brian Alvarado, the quintessential self-adoring snob, with a highly attractive legato."

John Yohalem, Parterre Box


"Baritone Brian Alvarado... threw himself into the humour of the role and sounded great as Le Baron de Pictordu."

Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


"Brian Alvarado made a sonorous Le Baron de Pictordu..."

Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine


"Brian Alvarado was particularly noteworthy as Papa, who....gave a well-acted and eagerly sung performance."

Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts


La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola d'Alcina- dell'Arte Opera Ensemble

"Brian Alvarado (above) displayed a voice of power and warmth as Neptune, but the singer's finest moments came later when he took on a subsidiary role as one of the hapless mortals transformed by Alcina into a plant. Here Mr. Alvarado, pleading to be restored to human form, was most moving."

"The dread consequences of Alcina's penchant for turning people into animals or plants is now manifested when an ensemble of botanicals appear and beg Ruggiero to save them from their wretchedness. Here Brian Alvarado's plea is truly moving..."

 Oberon's Grove


The Sorcerer- Utopia Opera

"Only the wonderful Sorcerer, John Wellington Wells... is exempt: he performs the first of that glorious parade of G&S patter songs, plus the spells and a 'revenge' duet—'The vault!' they cry; 'The family vault!'—that brought down the house." 

"The star was, naturally, John Wellington Wells. Brian J. Alvarado had the flair, the dapper moves, the precise patter elocution and the obsequious insolence for this character—without such qualities, the show would lack point. He also sings with a liquid baritone of great charm."

John Yohalem, Parterre Box


La bohéme- Amore Opera

"Brian J. Alvarado made a fine Schaunard."

Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


El  Rey Nació- Puntaclassic

"The Three Kings were portrayed by César Delgado, Mario Arévalo, and Brian Alvarado. The three male voices fed off one another quite well throughout the evening."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Logan Martell, OperaWire


Der Freischütz- Bronx Opera

"Kuno, the Chief Forester and Agathe’s father, is handsomely performed by Brian J. Alvarado;"

J, OperaMetro


Unwrapping Fortune- MuSE Sounds of Arts Festival

"A quartet of singers – sopranos Caroline Miller and Estabaliz Martinez, baritone Brian J. Alvarado and tenor Stephen Velasquez – brought drama and sardonic humor to the narrative over pleasant, baroque-tinged melodies."

delarue, New York Music Daily


Martha- Utopia Opera

"...the prank backfires when they realize that they are contracted for a year and this will be enforced by the Sheriff of Richmond (the convincing Brian J. Alvarado)."

Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


La Cenerentola– Opera Theatre of Montclair


"As his valet Dandini, baritone Brian Alvarado handled his role well and was the perfect foil as he exchanged roles with the Prince and bamboozled Angelina's family."

Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


Cunning Little Vixen– dell'Arte Opera Ensemble

"Brian Alvarado was a vulnerable Parson, confessing his sexual misadventures with quiet self-loathing."

Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News


"The second act surrounds the Forester with human friends: the Schoolmaster... and a dour Parson (Brian Alvarado.) He doubled as the bourgeois Badger, and was evicted from his hole by the saucy Vixen."

Paul J. Pelkonen, Superconductor


"Bass Brian Alvarado doubled as the grumpy Badger and the Greek-quoting Parson who once had a secret love."

Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


Sweeney Todd– City Island Theater Group

"The City Island production starred two excellent performers making their CITG debuts. Brian Alvarado, with his rich baritone voice, brought his operatic experience to rise to the challenging role of Sweeney."

Karen Nani, The Island Current


Evita– Bay View Music Festival

"Brian Alvarado is Magaldi, another one to fall in love with. Perfectly suited to the role, his voice has a richness that magnifies the guitar playing tango singer."

Mary Jane Doerr, Petoskey News Review​

Take Me Out – The Bijou Theatre

"In addition to Kippy, Lemming’s best friend outside of the Empires is Davey Battle, the star player on a rival team. Battle is played by an excellent Brian Alvarado and it is he, who through his proselytizing discourses, encourages Lemming to be his true self. He is a married, religious man who believes in the power of threes."

Stephanie C. Lyons, Pillow Talking


"The character Davey Battle who was Darren Lemming’s best friend was very capably played by Brian Alvarado..."

Wayne J. Keeley, Pillow Talking


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest- The Bijou Theatre

"Kudos to all of the Aides in the play whose authoritative presence always was felt – Aide Turkle (Brian J. Alvarado);"

Wayne J. Keeley, Pillow Talking

"Aides Turkle, Williams, and Warren played by Brian J. Alvarado, Ainsley Andrade, and Nick Kaye, respectively, also are outstanding."

Stephanie C. Lyons, Pillow Talking


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