Capital Nourishment; Marble Hill- Gnashing Teeth: Vol. 1 (2019)


engorge yourself- The Burlington Beat: Issue #3 2018) 

Duet for Stage and Pit- Bay View Literary Magazine: Volume 13 (2018)

shards of self; perch, palette, portrait- Awkward Mermaid (2018)

Found Sound- Ink & Voices (2018)- (Website Inactive)

Untitled Haiku- Ink & Voices (2018)- (Website Inactive)

   'candy coated...' (2018)

   'could ever a...' (2018)

   'momentous the calm...'  (2018)

   'true love...' (2018)

Top 10 Secrets of Powerhouse Recruiters: Your Top Game-Changing Techniques for 2018; Jobvite, Inc. (2017)

The Motto- TrailHead- Vermont College of Fine Arts (2017)

(Broadsheet Newspaper Publication)

Nor’Easter- Squawk Back Issue #140 (2015)



The Motto- Really Short Stories Issue #3 (2015)

(Domain expired; Download Issue here)


No (Hell) Well Met- DenimSkin Review Issue #3 (2015)

Kinfolk- DenimSkin Review Issue #3 (2015)

I blame my love of red wine- DenimSkin Review Issue #3 (2015)

Last Tutorials- DenimSkin Review Issue #2 (2014)

(Print copies available here)


Crossing the Hudson- Contraposition Magazine (2014)


Midtown Crosshairs- The Insomniac Propagandist (2014)

(Domain/Link Currently Defunct)

Public Transportation- RiverCraft- Susquehanna University (2013)

  Eileen, the Beetle

  Sanjay, the Sonata

  Khalenza, the Corollanator

  The Legend

(Paperback; Limited Release)

SidebySide- The Women in Our Lives (2012)


The Bliss of Winter- Hackley School Vision Vol. XXI (2009)

(Paperback; Limited Release)


Brian is a sonnet, bel canto opera, and craft beer enthusiast, born and raised in the Bronx. He has been featured in print in: Susquehanna University's RiverCraft, VCFA's Trailhead, The Bay View Literary Magazine, and DenimSkin Review, and online in: Contraposition, The Insomniac Propagandist, Squawk BackAwkward MermaidThe Burlington Beat, and 3Elements Review

among others. He holds a degree in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University. 

Published Photography/Mixed Media

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