Published Poetry/Micro-Fiction (*Forthcoming)

*First Literary Review - East: Belvedere; had truman carried on, Sept./Nov. 2021

*Thimble Literary Magazine: two poems about teeth and dreams, Fall 2021

*Rye Whiskey Review: once more round; Kinfolk; would you?, Summer 2021

*FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art: tragedia—tragedia, August 2021

The Daily Drunk: Three Poems, 2021


The Chamber Magazine: dream eater, 2021

The Ekphrastic Review: of peace (after Marian Spore Bush's Peace), 2021


Alien Buddha Press: Friday; All Hallows; Dump Station, 2021


Potato Soup Journal: Family Reunion, 2021


Cajun Mutt Press: incubator, ossia don’t ruin it, 2021


Rye Whiskey Review: homesick, 2021


Beliveau Review: Two Poems; Three Movements, 2021       


The Quiver Review: Three Poems, 2021


Trouvaille Review: Orbit, 2021


OpenDoor Magazine: engorge yourself, 2021


Bay View Literary Magazine: Duet for Stage and Pit, 2018


Awkward Mermaid: Two Poems, 2018


TrailHead - Vermont College of Fine Arts: The Motto, 2017


Squawk Back: Nor’Easter, 2015


DenimSkin Review: I blame my love of red wine…, 2015


DenimSkin Review: No (Hell) Well Met; Kinfolk, 2015


DenimSkin Review: Last Tutorials, 2014


Contraposition: Crossing the Hudson, 2014


The Insomniac Propagandist: Midtown Crosshairs, 2014


RiverCraft - Susquehanna University: Public Transportation, 2013


The Women in Our Lives: SidebySide, 2012


The Vision - Hackley School: The Bliss of Winter, 2009


Anthologized Poetry


*Doorways and Thresholds (ed. Ceda Parkinson), Overneath Books, Falmouth, UK, Summer 2021: “jot them down, ask them later.” 


Heat the Grease, We’re Frying Up Some Poetry (ed. Karen Cline Tardiff; Jennifer Taylor), Gnashing Teeth Publishing, Lexington KY, 2019: “Capital Nourishment;” “Marble Hill.”

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Peter, after his Denial of Christ, Aria for Baritone

Simon of Cyrene, Carrying the Cross, Aria for Baritone

   Premiered by Malcolm Merriweather, baritone, and Saint Peter's Chamber Ensemble 

   as part of The Passion According to St. Luke

                                                                    (William David Cooper, 2021)

Belvedere, art song for Baritone and Piano

  Premiered by Kris McCormick, baritone, and Nathan Matthew Kendrick, pianist

(Kris McCormick, 2015)

Black, for TTBB Choir

  Premiered by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Chamber Ensemble

(Matthew Tiramani, 2014)

Brian (@brahvocado) is a Bronx- born writer and performer. His work has been featured in printed publications of: RiverCraft, Trailhead, Bay View Literary MagazineAlien Buddha, and DenimSkin, and online in: Squawk Back, ContrapositionTrouvaille, Ekphrastic, and Cajun Mutt, among others. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.


Forthcoming are pieces to be published by Thimble Literary Magazine, FERAL, Rye Whiskey Review, Overneath BooksJerry Jazz Musician, and First Literary Review- East.


Published Photography/Mixed Media